Symptoms of a Weakened Car Battery

Symptoms of a Weakened Car Battery. Car Battery has tenure. By Atek, Alternator Gallery retainer, battery (according to its kind, there are wet and dry) can last between 1.5 and 2 years. After that usually batteries can not store electricity again. There are some signs of worn out or weak batteries started.

See physical battery, if the sign of a bulging cell elements damaged by water discharged or the battery has reached the age of life. It could also be due to the increase of hydrogen gas due to excessive electrical charging. Much as possible not to delay replacement to avoid the battery to explode. 

Another sign, the engine feels lame or halting (for injection machines) such as damage to the ignition. To know the battery is damaged, point the car into the wall and turn on the lights. If the light is dim, means the condition of the battery is not good.

Other machines can not be turned on, especially if the car had to stay more than one day. This is because the battery can not store electricity, so do not have the ability to rotate the magneto ignition.

Atek argues, there is usually an indicator that the battery can not be an accurate benchmark. "The color of the indicators are not necessarily representative of all six cell conditions. Usually these indicators is the visualization of specific cell conditions," he said. He added, if it is worn out, the battery can not be shocked again because the cells can no longer be used.

The appearance of a white crust on the head rather than an indication of worn out batteries. That condition is a result of excessive evaporation that infiltrated through the terminal pole. To remove simply doused with hot water or brushed with a wire brush. Check the battery water regularly if frequent crust.

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