How to Properly Pick a Good Car Battery

How to Properly Pick a Good Car BatteryCar Battery is one of the main components of a vehicle. Like a hospital operating room that should not be dead power. So is the battery life of the vehicle because the workings of electronic control units other than as a starter lighting ignition. 
Before buying a car battery / motor, we are of gives the following tips:
  1.  Make sure the type and the type of battery suitable for your vehicle, even if it will increase (up grade) should be the same voltage and ampere maximum increase of 15% of standard amperage.
  2.  Note the battery production date code. We recommend that when buying a new battery, battery life is not more than 6 months since created (visible from the production code) 
  3.  Note the height elektrolite [in particular conventional battery / battery wet] It should be between minimum and maximum lines.
  4. Note the size of the voltage [to make use volt meter] Before installed on your vehicle size should indicate the number 12.6 [minimum] and 12.8 [maximum].
  5. Note the number CCA [Cold Cranking Amperes]. Like the initial battery power to start [about 2 seconds]. using batteries tester, and match the numbers on the battery which satndart listed.

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