How to Care For a Car Battery

How to care for a car battery. It is very annoying if your car suddenly breaking down in the middle of the road. This can happen when our car battery problems. For that, we must always check and maintain the battery on our car.

For Car Battery Maintenance, we are of provide tips include:

1. When servicing make sure you've reminded the workshop to check the battery

2. Do not surrender all of the parties entrust your garage. You also have to keep doing their own checks at least every 2 weeks before you heat up the car in the morning

3. Add battery water (blue bottle), if the battery water less than the minimum, but do not pass up the line, before heating the car

4.Clean white crust with hot water by cleaning with a brush the which has been doused with hot water.

5. If at the time the engine the first time (usually early morning) there are severe symptoms and weak ... immediately check the condition of your battery in the battery shop which has a Battery Analyzer / Tester.

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