Car Battery Types and Treatment

Car Battery Types and Treatment. Car Battery is a major electricity component of a car, the battery serves to store the current generated by the alternator which is then used to start and other electrical components such as tape and lights. Hence why the battery becomes very important because without a good battery to start, the car will be difficult to burn.

There are various types of batteries on the market, which is generally used as storage battery, which is kind of wet, or flooded lead-acid. This type of fluid-filled boxes in which the elements are made ​​of lead and electrolytes from water as the storage of electrical current.

The car battery has a high and low limits elektolitnya fluid that must be addressed immediately when additional liquid content showed a lower limit to the ability to save the current is still well preserved. And make sure the battery lid closed tightly and breathing hoses are not squashed so that the disposal well.

Instead, every 2 weeks (at reasonable usage) conducted a routine check battery water level. When the battery runs out because the water evaporates, the drain hose will waste more than necessary, and battery water levels would rapidly decrease accompanied with the ability to store the current also decreases. In addition to adding water to the battery, try to fill the battery with a manual, which is more known as Strom or charge.

Batteries work just like a cell phone battery, which can be refilled, so if you run into problems in the storage battery current, can be tried on the charge that will re-activate the cells that are not functioning properly. If the water evaporates and the car battery is quickly passed down the line without us knowing it, this could damage the battery cells that will result in damage to the battery, so it should be able to keep current.

When realized when trying to start, the battery will not be able to support until the car is running, the battery maker now there has been damaged, although not severe enough and still be tolerated and immediately check the battery in order to refill the water is safe dibatas, and if necessary do charge the battery which began to weaken.

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